Swiss Apple Benefits

Swiss Apple Benefits

Swiss Apple stem cells can reverse skin aging, increase the lifespan of human cells and maybe even help you grow back your lost hair.  It also delays the onset of wrinkles!  A solution containing one (1%) percent apple stem cells seemed to boost cell production of human stem cells by a staggering 80 percent!  Hair follicles kept in a solution of Uttwiler Spatlauber continued to grow for 18 days, while those kept in a typical solution died after 14.

Tests on 20 women, applying a cream enriched with 2 percent PhytoCell-Tec Malus Domestica twice a day reduced crows feet by eight percent after a forthnight, and 15 percent after four weeks.

Dr Daniel Schmid, research director of Mibelle Biochemistry, the Swiss lab which developed PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica, insists that his study shows his apple stem cell extracts have been ‘shown to improve the maintenance of the stem cells characteristics of epidermal stem cells.’ ‘The extract offers a promise of real skin rejuvenation.’

Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum - Before and After pictures

This a truly innovative serum that dramatically reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles and fine lines by protecting and rejuvenating your own stem cells.

Skin Stem Cell Serum has been specifically formulated to allow plant stem cells to preserve and protect skin stem cells. The Skin Stem Cell Serum is a liposomal preparation based on the stem cells of a rare Swiss apple. A novel technology enabling the cultivation of a rare and endangered species of apple (Uttwiler Spatlauber) has allowed for plant stem cells to be obtained. Thanks to this technology plant stem cells are now able to ensure longevity of skin cells. This innovative skin serum protects longevity and combats chronological aging while delaying senescence of skin cells. It also protects and preserves the youthful look and vitality of your skin.

This a truly innovative serum dramatically reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles and fine lines by protecting and rejuvenating your own stem cells.

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Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum - Before and After picturesIn addition to  Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez and Helen Mirren, Julianne Moore and Gwyneth Paltrow have both admitted their love for Swiss apple stem cell products. They are said to be users of the Cellular lifting serum from Clark’s botanicals costing a whopping £355 for just 30ml.

The serum or lotion is manufactured by Botanical Garden, LLC and is created from plant cultures. Like all anti-aging creams and solutions, the product is intended to rejuvenate the skin to keep wrinkles at bay.

Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum - Before and After picturesThe formula works by stimulating the skin’s own stem cells into regenerating themselves. By constantly having regenerated skin cells your skin would always look fresh and new. The Apple Swiss cream is also supposed to prolong the life of the skin cells themselves to also prevent the signs of aging.

The product does have a very long shelf life and is sometimes referred to as the “super apple”. In some of the clinical studies conducted the serum did seem to have visible effects on the participants. A simple 2 percent solution was used by 20 different people in the study. They applied the cream to the areas around the eye where most wrinkles first appear. The eye area of the 20 participants was then measured after four weeks to determine if there was any significant change. Most of the people had their wrinkle area reduced by 15 percent. Emerge Labs has a line of botanical and natural skin care products to help minimize if not erase the signs of aging. The products do not come cheaply however and a 1 oz/30ml bottle sells for about $150.

Swiss Apple Stem Cell Serum - Before and After picturesWhether the product really works or not is entirely upon the perspective of the user. In today’s market there are several different types of organic and inorganic age defying remedies. There are creams and solutions reported to fade age spots as well as those claiming to return elasticity to older skin. If you are interested in finding an anti-aging cream that will work for you, you should take the time do a little research behind the product and the company that manufactures it. As with all things that sound too good to be true, with skin care products that’s all too often the case.